About the Georgia Upstate Lakes Board of REALTORS®

Founded in 2010

The Georgia Upstate Lakes Board serves as a central source of information for our members and our main focus are real estate education, the promotion of professionalism in our industry and representing our REALTOR® members with legislative initiatives to create positive change for the real estate community. Throughout its history, the Georgia Upstate Lakes Board has exerted its influence in civic affairs in its capacity of representing a substantial segment of the business community across the Upstate Lakes area.

Membership in the Board provides you a distinct competitive and educational advantage as a professional. Networking opportunities are provided through our quarterly Membership Luncheons. Comprised of members in all areas of the industry, the Georgia Upstate Lakes Board's long standing and highly respected presence in our area gives you, the member, instant credibility as a REALTOR®.

In addition, we would like to emphasize that the Board is a neutral place where we can all come together to discuss and brainstorm the many issues and challenges facing our industry in the 21st century. Simply stated, it is a place where we can not only build and develop good professional relationships, but also share our knowledge and expertise for the betterment of our real estate profession and the public we serve.

Thank you for your membership in the Georgia Upstate Lakes Board of REALTORS®.